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My new website and blog!

My last post was at the beginning of my vacations, and now I am making this one, with just about 3 days for my vacations to end. Its been a long time. I’ve learned a lot, made lots of mistakes and had fun too. I started a startup, went to gym (not regularly though :p), got confident at my driving skills, did loads of programming and competitive coding, started learning machine learning and computer networks and a lot more…!!

I ad started working on my startup Pharmart back in December 2015. This is essentially a mobile based platform to order medicines from your nearest pharmacy. I made the android app (http://pharmart.in/android) and the required backend in PHP. We finally launched in June 2016 and received overwhelming response. We had customers who loved our product and pharmacy owners who understood our futuristic model and supported us. We are still working on it and hope to expand and reach out to even more customers.

This post however is to announce that I have my own domain and website now (http://mayankrajoria.com). Since it will essentially be a static website, I chose to host it up on S3 on AWS. There’s is also a blog along with it, powered by Jekyll (http://mayankrajoria.com/blog). I shall soon have a detailed post about how the website is hosted up and about my startup too. So head up there, and stay tuned.

Website: http://mayankrajoria.com

Blog: http://mayankrajoria.com/blog