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My new website and blog!

My last post was at the beginning of my vacations, and now I am making this one, with just about 3 days for my vacations to end. Its been a long time. I’ve learned a lot, made lots of mistakes and had fun too. I started a startup, went to gym (not regularly though :p), got confident at my driving skills, did loads of programming and competitive coding, started learning machine learning and computer networks and a lot more…!!

I ad started working on my startup Pharmart back in December 2015. This is essentially a mobile based platform to order medicines from your nearest pharmacy. I made the android app ( and the required backend in PHP. We finally launched in June 2016 and received overwhelming response. We had customers who loved our product and pharmacy owners who understood our futuristic model and supported us. We are still working on it and hope to expand and reach out to even more customers.

This post however is to announce that I have my own domain and website now ( Since it will essentially be a static website, I chose to host it up on S3 on AWS. There’s is also a blog along with it, powered by Jekyll ( I shall soon have a detailed post about how the website is hosted up and about my startup too. So head up there, and stay tuned.




Summer Vacations Begin!

Another year done with at IIT Delhi (Achievement unlocked: 2 years of engineering!) and vacations begin now. As happy as I am for these vacations, I guess I am equally sad.

Half of my batch mates are off to Europe and US for their internships, rest of the half getting started with summer projects under Profs. or SURA. I on the other hand did not try hard enough for either of these things. I did apply for internships at the best startups in the valley and Europe, but was rejected by them. Neither was I a fan of staying in Delhi during the two months of peak summers and so did not try for the projects in institute. However I knew that these two months would be a perfect time for me to focus on and launch my startup. I had been working on my startup, Pharmart since October 2015 and knew that I can devote my vacations to it get it off the runway. This is how I ended up at home, with no project and no one to work under (and I am not the only one with this decision, yeah Rathi, I’m talking about you :p). Just me and my startup.

Now I need to decide how to divide my time and what to make of myself at the end of these 2 months.

  • Well certainly there is Pharmart. Me and Advik will be starting the ground operations  and marketing soon. We hope to launch it within a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I need to get the app completed and polished. Also securing the API is a big task up ahead – Lots of coding, Yay!!
  • I shall be devoting my time for competitive coding too. Codechef Snackdown is coming up, for which I am teamed up with Prakhar Gupta. Also this year we need to ace at ICPC – Comp coding on Codechef/Codeforces/InterviewBit/SPOJ daily!!
  • Open Source, yea I was a fool to have slacked off during the GSOC period, but there was a lot of assignment pressure to (ain’t trying to complaint). These summers I will make sure to contribute to some open source projects on GitHub too and take the experience I gained with Mozilla even forward. – GitHub commits!!
  • GYM. Every. Second. Day!! This is compulsory.
  • Vocabulary. This needs to be worked on. Maybe 5 minutes every day should be good.
  • Guitar, yes I will be practising guitar and hopefully I shall be able to play some songs by the end of my vacations. And hopefully some skateboarding too, if the rain Gods play good :p

I shall keep blogging regularly about my progress to keep myself motivated and get some feedbacks from you people too. I hope to make myself a better programmer and gain some cool experience, starting a company from scratch!

Back to coding… ;p

Implemented a new game today

I got kind of bored at lectures today and so thought up of a new game where you have to control a ball and move it through the gaps that keep falling from the top. The ball keeps moving left and right, stops if you hold the touch and reverses direction every time you leave the touch. Seemed a sort of fun game to play.

I implemented the idea during lunchtime and the game was mostly OK. I’ll have to try it on a real device and certainly have to improv the time coordination of the gaps and ball speed. The most boring part for me is still of improving the looks of the game. Maybe i’ll work further on it. Now there r two unpublished games under my belt, tis one and block tower.

Shall upload one soon…!!

How I started iOS development

I’ve been wanting to learn iOS development for a long time but finally could when I got my Retina Macbook Pro last December.

First thing before starting out was to decide wether I should go with Swift or Objective-C. Now Objective-C had been around a long time, most of the apps on app store were made with it and the legacy code of most of the apps would probably still have lots of Obj-C code, however Swift was a newly released, fast and promising language for the future. I decided to look at the syntax and boy! Obj-C did look like alien to me. I have a background of Java, C++ and Python, but the Obj-C syantax looked nothing like that. Thankfully Swift felt more at home with the syntax somewhat like Python and a lot easier to code. Also Swift was considered much faster, safer and an improvement over Obj-C by them established and cool apple devs so I decided to go with it.

Now since Swift was a new language, I knew I had to learn it before going on to developing apps with it. First thing I did was to read the official book by Apple on the subject. All of it is available here or specifically here. Now this was part is made a lot simple because of the “playgrounds” introduced by Apple. They allow quick coding up or testing ideas and are just cool!! Another good guide is at over Ray Wenderlich’s site here. I do recommend it a lot for beginners.

Now that was just the language part and does not teach you any app building stuff yet. I did get a little bored up here and so decided to follow this guy’s ( youtube series to have my first app up and running quickly. He does a fantastic job of explaining. Now to go more in depth of learning iOS development the best resource I found was certainly Ray Wenderlich’s tutorials. They are just too good. You gotta follow them one by one and you can learn a lot.

I did most of the tutorials and even learnt Sprite-Kit and made my first iOS game BugRunner and it’s up on the app store, the link is

Comment if this guide helped you and do try out my game!

Happy Coding 🙂

Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 4

Day 6, 21/6/15: Well, since I had not received any mail from Apple yet and I guessed its been too long since I mailed them my identity proof documents, I decided to check out the registration email I had received earlier. I clicked on the activation link and voila! My developer account was activated.

Now with my account ready, I have tested my first game on my iPad and it is ready for publishing. My game, BugRun, will hopefully be up soon!!

Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 3

Day 2, 17/6/15: Today I further received a mail from Apple saying that my billing details and my details do not match. Well, this was one mail I was expected for I had used my dad’s credit card to pay for the program. The mail asked me to upload my government issued photo identification. The mail had a link, clicking on which I was redirected to an Apple’s page weher I was to upload the documents. The mail didn’t give any details as to which documents they needed. So I uploaded my Aadhaar card (An Indian government issued photo ID) and my passport, both having my photograph and my father’s name on them. On upload an upload confirmation page showed up and asked to wait for another 1-2 Business days. I also received a mail immediately saying the same.

Well I hope my account gets activated before the weekend or else it’s gonna be a long wait. Waiting for any more mails now 🙂 See ya’

Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 2

Day 1, 16/6/15 (Later): Its been about 10 hours since I enrolled for the Apple Developer Program, put up my dad’s credit card credentials and submitted it. About an hour ago the amount $99 was deducted from the account and I received two mails from Apple too.

The first one is an order confirmation showing the productes I have ordered (Apple developer program) and dome of my details. The second mail is of some more interest. It contains my “Apple Developer Product Activation Code”. So I’ve got the activation code link and clicking on it takes me to Apple website, I signin and then all the page says is “We are unable to activate your Apple Developer Program membership” It also says, “We have received your purchase information and will email you shortly to verify additional details”.

Looking further into it, this is probably because I used my dad’s credit card instead of mine. I’ll probably contact them tomorrow and ask for what the issue actually is.