Monthly Archives: May 2016

Summer Vacations Begin!

Another year done with at IIT Delhi (Achievement unlocked: 2 years of engineering!) and vacations begin now. As happy as I am for these vacations, I guess I am equally sad.

Half of my batch mates are off to Europe and US for their internships, rest of the half getting started with summer projects under Profs. or SURA. I on the other hand did not try hard enough for either of these things. I did apply for internships at the best startups in the valley and Europe, but was rejected by them. Neither was I a fan of staying in Delhi during the two months of peak summers and so did not try for the projects in institute. However I knew that these two months would be a perfect time for me to focus on and launch my startup. I had been working on my startup, Pharmart since October 2015 and knew that I can devote my vacations to it get it off the runway. This is how I ended up at home, with no project and no one to work under (and I am not the only one with this decision, yeah Rathi, I’m talking about you :p). Just me and my startup.

Now I need to decide how to divide my time and what to make of myself at the end of these 2 months.

  • Well certainly there is Pharmart. Me and Advik will be starting the ground operations  and marketing soon. We hope to launch it within a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I need to get the app completed and polished. Also securing the API is a big task up ahead – Lots of coding, Yay!!
  • I shall be devoting my time for competitive coding too. Codechef Snackdown is coming up, for which I am teamed up with Prakhar Gupta. Also this year we need to ace at ICPC – Comp coding on Codechef/Codeforces/InterviewBit/SPOJ daily!!
  • Open Source, yea I was a fool to have slacked off during the GSOC period, but there was a lot of assignment pressure to (ain’t trying to complaint). These summers I will make sure to contribute to some open source projects on GitHub too and take the experience I gained with Mozilla even forward. – GitHub commits!!
  • GYM. Every. Second. Day!! This is compulsory.
  • Vocabulary. This needs to be worked on. Maybe 5 minutes every day should be good.
  • Guitar, yes I will be practising guitar and hopefully I shall be able to play some songs by the end of my vacations. And hopefully some skateboarding too, if the rain Gods play good :p

I shall keep blogging regularly about my progress to keep myself motivated and get some feedbacks from you people too. I hope to make myself a better programmer and gain some cool experience, starting a company from scratch!

Back to coding… ;p