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Implemented a new game today

I got kind of bored at lectures today and so thought up of a new game where you have to control a ball and move it through the gaps that keep falling from the top. The ball keeps moving left and right, stops if you hold the touch and reverses direction every time you leave the touch. Seemed a sort of fun game to play.

I implemented the idea during lunchtime and the game was mostly OK. I’ll have to try it on a real device and certainly have to improv the time coordination of the gaps and ball speed. The most boring part for me is still of improving the looks of the game. Maybe i’ll work further on it. Now there r two unpublished games under my belt, tis one and block tower.

Shall upload one soon…!!


How I started iOS development

I’ve been wanting to learn iOS development for a long time but finally could when I got my Retina Macbook Pro last December.

First thing before starting out was to decide wether I should go with Swift or Objective-C. Now Objective-C had been around a long time, most of the apps on app store were made with it and the legacy code of most of the apps would probably still have lots of Obj-C code, however Swift was a newly released, fast and promising language for the future. I decided to look at the syntax and boy! Obj-C did look like alien to me. I have a background of Java, C++ and Python, but the Obj-C syantax looked nothing like that. Thankfully Swift felt more at home with the syntax somewhat like Python and a lot easier to code. Also Swift was considered much faster, safer and an improvement over Obj-C by them established and cool apple devs so I decided to go with it.

Now since Swift was a new language, I knew I had to learn it before going on to developing apps with it. First thing I did was to read the official book by Apple on the subject. All of it is available here or specifically here. Now this was part is made a lot simple because of the “playgrounds” introduced by Apple. They allow quick coding up or testing ideas and are just cool!! Another good guide is at over Ray Wenderlich’s site here. I do recommend it a lot for beginners.

Now that was just the language part and does not teach you any app building stuff yet. I did get a little bored up here and so decided to follow this guy’s ( youtube series to have my first app up and running quickly. He does a fantastic job of explaining. Now to go more in depth of learning iOS development the best resource I found was certainly Ray Wenderlich’s tutorials. They are just too good. You gotta follow them one by one and you can learn a lot.

I did most of the tutorials and even learnt Sprite-Kit and made my first iOS game BugRunner and it’s up on the app store, the link is

Comment if this guide helped you and do try out my game!

Happy Coding 🙂