Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 4

Day 6, 21/6/15: Well, since I had not received any mail from Apple yet and I guessed its been too long since I mailed them my identity proof documents, I decided to check out the registration email I had received earlier. I clicked on the activation link and voila! My developer account was activated.

Now with my account ready, I have tested my first game on my iPad and it is ready for publishing. My game, BugRun, will hopefully be up soon!!


4 thoughts on “Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 4

  1. Sai Praneeth

    Thanks for writing about your experience. I am curious though, how is/are your apps doing on the app store – are you seeing a lot of downloads/revenue?

    1. mayankr Post author

      Hey, I published 3 games onto the app store and then got busy with acads and other work. Yeah, I do see some revenue, not much though. I’ll publish a blog post about it soon…

  2. Inder Deep Singh

    Well my story is a lot similar to yours. I have applied for the Apple Developer Program today with my Dad’s credit card and got two mails which you got and when I click on my activation code it says “We are unable to activate your Apple Developer Program membership”. I am waiting for any other activity from their side. I found your article useful! I want to ask about the name of developer of your account, is it your’s or you Dad’s?


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