Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 3

Day 2, 17/6/15: Today I further received a mail from Apple saying that my billing details and my details do not match. Well, this was one mail I was expected for I had used my dad’s credit card to pay for the program. The mail asked me to upload my government issued photo identification. The mail had a link, clicking on which I was redirected to an Apple’s page weher I was to upload the documents. The mail didn’t give any details as to which documents they needed. So I uploaded my Aadhaar card (An Indian government issued photo ID) and my passport, both having my photograph and my father’s name on them. On upload an upload confirmation page showed up and asked to wait for another 1-2 Business days. I also received a mail immediately saying the same.

Well I hope my account gets activated before the weekend or else it’s gonna be a long wait. Waiting for any more mails now 🙂 See ya’


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