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Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 4

Day 6, 21/6/15: Well, since I had not received any mail from Apple yet and I guessed its been too long since I mailed them my identity proof documents, I decided to check out the registration email I had received earlier. I clicked on the activation link and voila! My developer account was activated.

Now with my account ready, I have tested my first game on my iPad and it is ready for publishing. My game, BugRun, will hopefully be up soon!!


Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 3

Day 2, 17/6/15: Today I further received a mail from Apple saying that my billing details and my details do not match. Well, this was one mail I was expected for I had used my dad’s credit card to pay for the program. The mail asked me to upload my government issued photo identification. The mail had a link, clicking on which I was redirected to an Apple’s page weher I was to upload the documents. The mail didn’t give any details as to which documents they needed. So I uploaded my Aadhaar card (An Indian government issued photo ID) and my passport, both having my photograph and my father’s name on them. On upload an upload confirmation page showed up and asked to wait for another 1-2 Business days. I also received a mail immediately saying the same.

Well I hope my account gets activated before the weekend or else it’s gonna be a long wait. Waiting for any more mails now 🙂 See ya’

Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 2

Day 1, 16/6/15 (Later): Its been about 10 hours since I enrolled for the Apple Developer Program, put up my dad’s credit card credentials and submitted it. About an hour ago the amount $99 was deducted from the account and I received two mails from Apple too.

The first one is an order confirmation showing the productes I have ordered (Apple developer program) and dome of my details. The second mail is of some more interest. It contains my “Apple Developer Product Activation Code”. So I’ve got the activation code link and clicking on it takes me to Apple website, I signin and then all the page says is “We are unable to activate your Apple Developer Program membership” It also says, “We have received your purchase information and will email you shortly to verify additional details”.

Looking further into it, this is probably because I used my dad’s credit card instead of mine. I’ll probably contact them tomorrow and ask for what the issue actually is.

Signing up for Apple Developer Program from India: Part 1

Day 1, 16/6/15: After about 6 months of learning iOS development, Swift and SpriteKit I have finally made my first game app for iOS, BugRun thats basically a game that resembles a somewhat familiar flash game. Now that I have most of the app working I decided to sign up for the Apple Developer program today.  The steps I have done till now were pretty straightforward but I don’t really have much of an idea what is the next step.

So you basically go to, the developers site for Apple. Click on “Programs” on the top and the click on “Enroll”. The next page explains the two types of developers you could sign up as – an Individual or an Organization. I obviously signed up as an Individual. Just followed the steps through, entered by mobile number, address, the credit card information, billing address. However after entering the card details and clicking on the final pay button I was taken to a page that said

“Thank You.

We are processing your order and will send you an activation email when it’s ready. Please note that it may take up to two (2) business days to process your order.”

and showed me the payment information. Although after clicking on pay button I wasn’t redirected to any payment gateway or asked for the credit card password/OTP and also no amount has been deducted from the card. Well I suppose they will first be processing this enrollment for a couple of days. And also I used a credit card of my father’s name which I guess may cause some delay too. I have also received an email from Apple which says “Order Acknowledgement. We’ve received your order request.”.

Well, I guess I just have to wait for a couple of days to hear from them again and get my account activated. In case you applied recently too or are applying do share your experience too. I will keep you posted with my progress here. Stay Tuned.